3D Printed Hands Free Door Openers


I imagine that these could be useful in local nursing homes…

@tiffany.vincent has mentioned that these might not be great due to not being able to be sanitized well.

I’m just so hesitant with anything FDM that needs to be sanitized – but I’m open to hearing arguments to the contrary.

I am going to dig around and see if I can find any information. There is a FB group called CoronaVirusTechHandBook that might have some people’s thoughts on it. Found the plans in this article:

As I approach a door i’d like to be able to grab a small paper or cloth towel, and use it as a barrier to my hand when opening the door. On the other side of the door, i’d like a waste receptacle to toss the used towel into.

Maybe a 3-D printed paper towel holder that could be mounted on the door would be useful.

Additionally, at CMS we could fashion copper sleeves for the door handles.
COVID’s half-life on copper is many times shorter than on steel or plastic.
Hmm, copper chainmail…