Anyone making PPE mask straps? 3d printer fix?

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone is making mask straps, 3d printer or crochet? Also, anyone know how to fix a 2017 Invent 3D printer that originally was from a kit?
many thanks for reading…Brooke

I’ve printed a couple hundred for local co-op stores.

What’s not working on the printer? Do you have a link to the model that you have?

These are the models I’ve been printing lately:

The jaes one prints quite a bit faster, but it’s also not quite as sturdy. For someone who needs to take off/put on the mask more frequently the first might be better since the straps on one side get retained.

Well I just saw the kind if straps you are talking about. I am sewing mine out of fabric. Good luck with yours!
Allison Zito
CMS Textile Shop Lead

Hi all,

Where are people seeing the current need for PPE? I’ve had a number of people asking about printing parts if needed.