COVER Home Repair is in need of volunteers in Claremont, Sat 8/8

Karen, in Claremont, needs safe access to return home asap. We have scheduled to build her a ramp next week!

We hope to recruit about 6 volunteers to come to her home Saturday, August 8, 9am-4pm weather permitting.
We are working CDC Safe. Plenty of hand sanitizer and face masks.
If you would like to help Karen next week, please email to sign up.
All current volunteer opportunities below. Printable PDF Attached. Thank You!

To mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, we are only scheduling outdoor projects (Ramps and Roofs)

We are not entering homes for any reason. A clean portalet is provided on site for staff and volunteers.
Below are all current volunteer opportunities.

Urgent Ramp in Claremont

Sat. August 8th - 6 volunteers needed

Weds August 12th White River Junction

2 volunteers needed to build new stairs

Installing new Roof on Mobile Home in White River Junction

Thursday August 13th - 2 volunteers needed
Friday August 14th - 1 volunteer needed

Friday August 14th Urgent Ramp, Day 2 Claremont
4 volunteers needed

Mobile Home upgrades in Norwich
(adding utility room, installing insulated skirting and more)

Thurs. August 20th - 2 volunteers needed
Friday August 21st - 4 volunteers needed
Thurs. August 27th - 4 volunteers needed
All hands welcome. Plumbing and Electrical experience is helpful!

Thurs Aug 28, Friday 28 - possible project, TBA

Installing new metal Roof in White River Junction
Thurs Sept 10 - 6 volunteers needed
Friday Sept 11 - 4 volunteers needed

Stay Safe, Be Well

Lisa Ricci
Cover Volunteer Coordinator
Office: (802) 296-7241 ext 3

The COVER Home Repair program is scheduling projects every Thursday and Friday and the COVER Store back to regular hours! To see upcoming volunteer opportunities, click here!