From Makers 4 Makers // Academic survey for all Makerspace Users

Dear Claremont Makerspace community,

Brendan told me that I could use your forum to get in touch with you. I hope this is the right category to ask for your support for our reasearch study.

How do you use Makerspaces and what are your main interests in using them?

Our research aims to learn more about the interests of makers (e.g. most used tools, usage purposes, collaboration scenarios). Your participation helps me with my PhD and also serves to improve the offerings of our Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace (Germany) and other Makerspaces.

Participation takes only 20 minutes and we donate 1,00 € for each completed survey to the maker community!

Start the survey:

Advantages of participation

  • We donate 1,00 € for each completed survey to the maker community
  • You help us to improve our and other makerspaces
  • You support a PhD project
  • Upon request you will receive a summary of the results

Your support and time will be highly appreciated! Please reach out to me any time if you have any question!

A few words on my personal background:
I do my PhD in the field of makerspaces and open innovation processes at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Furthermore, I work at the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace which has a strong focus on light and optics (photonics). With the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace we support projects that make photonics technology more affordable and accessible for everyone. One of the projects in our Makerspace is UC2. A modular optical toolbox that allows you to build your own microscope and many other optical systems. It uses 3D-printing and is open source. More info on that project and their GitHub link you can find here:

THANKS a ton for your support,