Learn A New Skill During A February Virtual Class

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We have put the finishing touches on our February virtual class schedule. 3D design, art techniques, maximizing your woodshop time, science classes for kids and events for entrepreneurs are just a few of the virtual opportunities The Claremont Makerspace will be offering this month. As always – these classes are free – just view the event details & register at the following links.


Twin State Innovation

February 9th, 8 AM

A free event for entrepreneurs, innovators, and the community

Everyone plays a role in launching new ideas, supporting existing businesses, and growing entrepreneurship in the region.


The Lightness of Painting

February 16th, 2 PM

Join artist Jamie Townsend as he shares his process of painting layers and color in this free virtual class. Jamie will demonstrate his craft while talking about his technique and answering questions from the virtual audience.


Making It As A Maker

February 16th, 4 PM

We’re celebrating National Entrepreneurship Week with a panel of local makers! They’ll share their stories, how they got their small businesses off the ground, and the challenges they’ve faced and successes they’ve had. This event is free and open for anyone to join. Presented by Making Matters NH, The Claremont Makerspace and River Valley Community College.


Climate Action for NH Towns

February 17th, 12 PM

Join ReVision Energy and Claremont MakerSpace to learn how towns in New Hampshire can rapidly decrease their carbon emissions by switching to solar and other clean technologies. The cost of solar technology has dropped 75% in the past ten years, making solar electricity more accessible than ever. Using local communities like Hanover and Lebanon as case studies, we’ll look at how individuals can lead the charge in bringing clean energy to their towns.


Bookkeeping & Record Keeping 101

February 18th, 12 PM

Learn best practices and IRS requirements of keeping books and records for your business. We’ll also cover how to read basic financial statements and how to pick a record keeping system that fits your needs.


Dream it, Make it, Print it

February 18, 25, Mar 4, and Mar 11 from 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Over four sessions, participants learn how to use a CAD program to create their very own designs. Learn about the engineering design process and make your own original pieces in Tinkercad. We’ll then print your designs on our 3D printers. Projects can be mailed to you! Recommended ages 8 and up. Should be comfortable using a computer mouse and keyboard.


Math Art For Kids

February 23, 24 and 25 10:00 AM

In this 3-part series kids will create art projects that reflect math concepts. We’ll explore geometry, patterns, symmetry and more through activities such as paper quilting, string art, and Escher-like tessellations. This series is designed for ages 9-12.


Family Science

February 23, 24 and 25 12:30 PM

In this 3-part series families will work together investigating informal science ideas using materials found at home. Some of the activities typical to this workshop include crystal packages, curious questions, word factory, rocket enterprise, spider webs, name that tool, and the like. Instructor will provide templates and a materials list prior to each class. This is a hands-on class with materials to gather ahead of time, so early registration is recommended. Please note: This class is for families with elementary school-aged children, and parent involvement is essential.


Math Games for Kids

February 23, 24 and 25 3:30 PM

In this 3-part series kids will learn dice games for reinforcing computation. Have fun while practicing computational fluency! This series is designed for kids ages 8-10. Instructor will provide a materials list prior to each class, and a handout of the games at the end of the series.


Getting to Know The ShopBot

February 23, 3 PM

In this beginner level virtual class, participants will learn the basic operation of the ShopBot CNC Router. Covered topics include the axis’, attaching material, the ShopBot software and basic safety. This class is presented free of charge and will be presented via Zoom. Upon registration, you will be sent a link to the Zoom connection information.


Learn How To Laser Cut A Box

February 23, 4 PM

In this free virtual learning class, learn how to use a laser cutter to cut a small wooden box. We will look at a variety of resources and watch the Claremont Makerspace laser cutter in action and give a demo of Corel Draw. This will be a great overview for anyone that has not laser cut before or are looking for some possible new tricks.


Spend Less Time Sanding

February 24, 6 PM

Do you find yourself spending endless time sanding your woodworking projects? Join CMS Artist in Residence Eric Diven of Long Walk Woodworking for tips and tricks on how to reduce time sanding. Following his motto ‘Proper Planning Prevents Protracted Prep’ and gain some new skills for your future projects!


Make A Coptic Notebook

February 26, 6 PM

Create a notebook as adventurous as you. This traveler’s notebook uses the Coptic binding method. This unique binding method is one of the oldest in human history, dating back as early as the second century. It allows the book to lay flat when opened to any page, making it great for sketchbooks. Notebook measures 5.75” x 8.75” when done. Your book boards will have been made on the MakerSpace’s laser cutter. Follow along virtually as you construct the notebook.

We’ve got even more classes/events on the calendar, so check out the full line up HERE.

Questions about upcoming classes, events or the Claremont MakerSpace in general? Let us know at info@twinstatemakerspaces.org.

Happy Makin,’

The Claremont MakerSpace Team