Member Newsletter - May 2024

Originally published at: Member Newsletter – May 2024 – The Claremont MakerSpace

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Hello CMS members!  It’s been a busy six weeks since I last wrote to you. Our lighting was upgraded to LED throughout the building and we have now offered more classes so far this year, than we did in 2023. The shop leads and several members participated in an open house, maker market and yard sale this past weekend, and although it was not a financial success, we did attract dozens of new people to tour the space and learn about what we offer. Many thanks to all who participated and helped clean out spaces around the building.

Some Key Updates: 

  1. ShopBot Re-certification – The software used with our ShopBot was upgraded last week requiring all certified users to be re-certified. Russ will be contacting everyone who is impacted with next steps to get them up and running.
  2. CMS Community Volunteer Opportunity – On May 25th, COVER Home Repair is recruiting CMS members and friends to assist on a roof repair in Charlestown. They require at least 6 people to assist with this project. If you are interested in volunteering, please let Valerie or me know by Friday 5/17 and see details below to use the QR code to register with COVER.
  3. Veteran’s Scholarship – Our Veteran’s Scholarship was recently renewed by Red River Charitable Foundation. If you know a veteran interested in becoming a CMS member, please point them to this RRCF page to start the process. We are grateful for the ongoing support from Red River Charitable Foundation, and to our veteran members, thank you for your service!
  4. Photo Printing – Kevin and Adam are working on printers in the computer lab to enable photo printing, including use of our large format printer and a hot press. More to come on a new certification for “Photography & Fine Art Printing” in the coming weeks.
  5. Shop Lead Updates – Peter Gunn will be assisting John as co-lead in the Wood Shop. If you need to communicate with a shop lead, use the email addresses below to open a support ticket. 
  6. Instructors Wanted – Interested in teaching a class? We are growing our class options and recruiting more instructors. If you are interested in teaching or know someone who would be interested, please fill out this class proposal form. Instructors do not need to be a CMS member. Check out the latest classes here.
  7. TGIF Socials – Hold the date for a social on Friday June 7th from 5-8pm, which will be open to members and their guests. Details to come.


Wood Shop: John Lambert AND Peter Gunn  [email protected]
Machine Shop: Joe Sneed [email protected]   
Metal Shop: JoAnn Clifford  [email protected]  
Jewelry Studio: Melanie Tata   [email protected]  
Digital Fab. & Electronics Lab: Tiffany Vincent  and Brian Spahr  [email protected]
Fiber Arts Studio: Allison Zito   [email protected]
Computer Lab: Kevin Tyson  [email protected]
ShopBot: Russ Scaduto  [email protected]


  • The building closes at 9pm daily. To assist the closer on duty, please start wrapping up your project to be out by 9pm. I’ve received questions about the other members who remain past 9pm, and these members should only be the shop leads, who have extended hour privileges as part of their volunteer role. Staff also have extended access.
  • Support your maker community and remember to clean up your work area before you leave.
  • If a visitor comes to the door and a desker, Valerie, or I are not in the building, the visitor will need to return later. 

Thank you to our many volunteers who keep CMS running! I hope you are enjoying Spring!   …f

Felicia Dalke, Executive Director, [email protected]