New Television Show Seeking Inventors/Entrepreneurs/Makers


Brendan Dangelo said it would be okay for me to post the following:

My name is Russell Berman and I am a Casting Associate at Pitman Casting in Burbank, CA. I am reaching out to your organization to see if you have any members who would be interested in a new television project we are casting for a major production company.

We are searching nationwide for inventors, entrepreneurs, or everyday people who after experiencing a natural disaster were inspired to create a new product, gadget, or device. Whether it was the current virus, hurricane, earthquake, flood, fire, blizzard, pandemic, or other natural disasters we are looking to find inventions, products, or gadgets created due to that experience.

We want to tell their stories and show their inventions to the world! We are looking to showcase people whose ideas have already gone to market, are in production, or at a minimum have a working prototype.

Please feel free to share this information with your members. If there are other groups you are associated with who would benefit from this opportunity please forward it to them as well.

Anyone who wants to be considered for the project needs to complete our online casting application at Once we have received it, we will review to make sure it is something the producers would be interested in filming. If so, we will reach out to the inventor to schedule a casting interview via Skype to get their story on video so we can submit it to the producers for their consideration.

We are only casting for a couple of weeks so please let your members know about this opportunity ASAP.

Best regards,