SolidExperts Training

We can do it! A series of webinars designed to showcase how SolidXperts is here to offer COVID-19 patients a breath of fresh air.

Near the end of March 2020 SolidXperts took up the task of entering the CODE LIFE Ventilator Challenge to see how any lives we could help save. A day later, we had a highly skilled team of engineers, designers, medical staff, and technical personnel and by the end of the following week the ventilator designs were completed and submitted!

Now, we continue the next leg of our journey, as the teams overcome the challenges of manufactured part shortages and continued COVID-19 lockdowns and roadblocks.

But, we can do it!

SolidXperts presents a series of Free Webinars detailing the design process and project components that matter most.

  1. Introduction to Web series (May 28th)
  2. 3DExperience Critical Business Issue (June 2nd)
  3. 3DExperience Collaborative Industry Innovator (June 10th)
  4. Flow Simulation (June 16th)
  5. Visualize and Composer (June 25th)
  6. Electrical (July 2nd)
  7. 3D Printing (July 7th)