Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Hi there,

I am a mental health and social services provider working in the community. I primarily work with youth doing one on one therapeutic work. I have a kid who I work with that is very interested in art, crafting, creating in many forms, and who I believe would be a good candidate for any mentee or internship opportunities available. I am wondering if any of the people who host classes or do work independently outside of CMS would be interested in an apprentice as and in doing so fill the role of a informal mentor of sorts. This may require going through the proper channels to become this kids mentor, involving a background check and applying through Windsor County Mentors, or it might mean working with myself and the kid so I can support establishing this relationship. Women would be preferred and someone who can offer an ongoing relationship and participation for the kid in activities and events.

I understand this may be an odd request for this space, especially during COVID times, but my hope is that in reaching out there may be some potential connections whether within CMS or outside of it.

Hope this finds everyone well.