What are you Making?

Friday Question: What are you working on in your studio/workshop right now? No specifics: give size (ex.small, large); what materials you’re using (fabric, wood, metal), plus a detail shot of what is next to the project or a detail shot that will just give a hint of the finished product.

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No specifics, huh? Well, it’ll be built in an aluminum block about 5"x3"x1". Some of the internal parts will need to be turned on a lathe so learning how to operate a lathe will be a next step, once the MakerSpace reopens.

This probably doesn’t give away much information about what it is so here’s a drawing that I’ve been working on:


Yeap That gives away nothing to me! Can’t wait to be open and see the Metal Lathe in action!

Just the ‘materials’ I am using will give away what I am doing. So hint! It’s useful, especially now and pretty and free!