Clear .5 mm Plastic Needed

I spoke with Trevor at Revolve 3D this morning. He has been in touch with some local hospitals regarding the Prusa Face Shields. He has produced the 3D printed parts, but sourcing the .5 mm clear petg, clear plastic shield has been tough. We are looking for a local place to source this material.

I have been trying to find the .5mm petg as well, not easy. Even on Amazon, you can find it, but actual delivery is like two months out!

Hey Don,

I’ve heard a lot of differing opinions on what is or is not good PPE or what is being accepted at local medical establishments. I think that MakeIt labs has access to some of the materials and they have been in contact with medical centers in their area accepting these masks. They also have access to some materials.


If folks need foam for the masks, in my booth is a large 6 ft roll of the sew foam, it’s white. You are welcome to take that to use for masks

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Hi Brendan,

The plastic is definitely difficult to come by. I am waiting for some overhead projector transparency paper to see how that works out. I’ve read that it - though not ideal - it actually works for face shields. I have been printing up the prusa model frame. But I’m mixing up the idea 3D Printing Nerd had for the transparency paper (won’t let me put the link).

I have found that the prusa model doesn’t need any kind of padding. It’s very comfortable printed in PETG. I did find this model that eliminates the need for the buttonhole elastic which is also difficult to find ( He’s printing in PLA which makes it less comfortable which then requires the padding.

Anyhow, Michigan recently approved the prusa design for their use but have pulled down the instructions to rewrite them, I guess. They originally approved the RC3 design but wanted no less than .4mm for the shield. We’ll see what they come back with for new specifications. Here’s where they will be posting: (it won’t let me include the link)

Late for work and not sure I posted in the right space so feel free to push me around if I’m in the wrong spot! I’m hoping to provide my fellow staff workers in the City of Lebanon with shields.

They did recommend the following source for plastic:

Hi Melanie,

There are many designs out there and a lot of information. I imagine it depends on whether your need is critical or pre-cautionary and when you will be using them.
Here is one that is an ‘approved’ design and requires no 3D printed parts, just elastic and PETG:

I hear there is elastic at Frank’s in Claremont. The plastic would be cut on the laser cutter, which is easy enough to do. Might be hard to come by the material, though.

Hope this helps-