Hey MakerSpace, What’s Makin’ ??

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From around CMS

Jo Ann Clifford made this beautiful fox:

John Lambert has been busy as always. He and Angela Hill produced a video of Angela demonstrating proper tool usage for the jewelry department. It will be a great introduction to the department and for reviewing from time to time. Thank you Angela and John! (We have an opening for the Jewelry Shop Lead, if you know anyone who would qualify)

John also made a Bike Maintenance video, (I know, I know, it’s time to put the bikes away. It was a busy summer.)

The electronics studio is getting a bit of a makeover, to make room for more 3-D printers.

Here’s the scoop on the Ice Cream Social – The atmosphere started a little frosty, cone you believe it? Noooo. I’m fudging the truth, I’m feeling berry nutty. We must have won the gelalo-ry that Sundae because there were about 20 people and 30 different ice creams, even some homemade!

The Sew-Ins are always fun and I actually get stuff done. We had 4 people there today. Two of the projects being worked on: Jo Ann is finishing her machine embroidered pot-holders and Tafi is weaving a rug from fabric strips.

I don’t get into the Wood working or Welding shops very often, so please send pictures of what you’re working on!


Claremont MakerSpace at the Opera — Craft fair opportunity

From Allison:

Dear MakerSpace Friends,
We have started planning for the next Claremont MakerSpace at the Opera Craft Show. I am sending this so you can start to plan and consider being part of this event. I will continue to bring you updates as we get more information from the Opera.
CMS Artisans at The Opera Crafts Show see below:
  • The Board from the Claremont Growers Collective is enthusiastic about participating with the MakerSpace in a “Holiday Artisan Market and Tasting” on Nov 25th. Their first tasting event for Fall is coming up on Oct 14th, so I’ve been focused on getting that event finalized with CGC so the following event with you in Nov should be much easier.
  • Everyone is on board with the following approach:
    • Noon to 3pm – Holiday Artisan Market open to the public featuring items from current makers, past makers, and former COH exhibitors, as well as products from participating members of the Growers Collective.
    • 4 to 6pm – Ticketed Holiday Tasting event in addition to the market that will be for 21+ and include samples of wines and local foods and beverages.
    • During the 3-4pm slot there will be a couple others loading in, and any of the market exhibitors who are not interested in staying can load out.
  • The Nov 25th event will be marketed as part of Small Business Saturday and I have already reached out to the City and Chamber of Commerce to include us in their plans for that day.
  • I have an action to create a Google form that the MakerSpace and the Growers Collective can send to your membership for interested participants to sign up and share their space requirements and marketing info. There is no cost to participate. You will see the form next week; the COH can create a simple handout with info and the QR code to the form.
  • Once we have the participants confirmed, the COH can prepare marketing materials to share. We’ll then have a joint planning meeting with organizers to assign exhibit spaces throughout the building. We also talked about a joint PSA for November.
  • The COH is also open to having makers keep some items on display in the atrium throughout the holiday season for any after event promotion/purchases. This would follow our atrium exhibit process.
  • Load in will be from 10am to noon, and load out after 6pm. For those who do not want to load out on 11/25, I can be there on Sunday morning to open the building.
Allison Zito


Upcoming Classes see the complete list on the CMS events page

  • October 21, Fall Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece
  • November 2, Make a Cutting Board (full)
  • November 16 and 20 Make a Cutting Board
  • Nov 4, Make a Gnome for the Holidays Ornament
  • November 7 and 21, Learning VCarve (full)


Around the Internets (stuff I find interesting)

Energy from humidity? We have plenty of that here in the summer. Can it be scaled up? Catcher, based in Europe is working to do just that.



Who has been to a MakerFaire? The first one we went to was in 2009 on Long Island, NY. It was huge, it was overwhelming, and it was AMAZING. We were there from opening to closing Friday, Saturday and Sunday and still felt we had missed a few things. Hundreds of Makers with tables showing off their projects, from middle school students to professional, established companies.

There was a fashion show with embedded electronics – lots of led lights and a skirt that “blossomed” by expanding out and contracting. a car with singing fish, large mobile sculptures that breathed fire,

But, the most memorable of all was the JET PONIES! Made by the Hacker Collective in Brooklyn (whose motto is “Art That Can Kill You”). It looked innocently like any local fair ride, two arms attached to a center post with seats at the end of the arms. Until they started it up. With a leaf blower. Because, you might have guess from the name, it was powered by jet engines, one on each seat. The seats spun faster and faster around the center post until the arms were perpendicular to the post. As you can imagine, it was very loud. You could hear it all through the park and, for me, it became the “theme song” for that year. Despite their motto and the volume, the line to get on was always long. Surprisingly, it didn’t make an appearance the following years.



“We mustn’t be afraid of inventing anything…Everything there is in us exists in nature. After all, we’re part of nature. If it resembles nature, that’s fine. If it doesn’t, what of it? When man wanted to invent something as useful as the human foot, he invented the wheel, which he used to transport himself and his burdens. The fact that the wheel doesn’t have the slightest resemblance to the human foot is hardly a criticism of it.”
Francoise Gilot, Life with Picasso