Member Newsletter, March 31, 2024

Originally published at: Member Newsletter, March 31, 2024 – The Claremont MakerSpace

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Hello CMS members!  This is my first update to you about key items and reminders at the MakerSpace. First, thank you for the warm welcome! I have met many of you already, and for those I haven’t yet met, feel free to stop by to introduce yourself or send me an email. I’m in the building during the weekday and occasionally on weekends. 

Some Key Updates: 
  1. Lights throughout the building will be upgraded to LED this week from April 1st to 5th. All shops will be disrupted, starting with the wood shop on Monday. I will block the reservation schedule of shops as the work progresses.  
  2. There are several new shop leads; see details below. Please welcome Joe, Melanie and Kevin to the team of Shop Leads. If you need to communicate with a shop lead, the email addresses below will open a support ticket for them to respond. 
  3. Mark your calendar for May 4th, when we are having a yard sale of surplus items and members are invited to have a retail table as part of this event. If you are interested in volunteering for the event or having a table to sell your items, please sign up here or at the front desk.
  4. In addition to the volunteer shop leads, we have a fantastic crew of member deskers, Adam Goldsmith oversees our information technology and Aaron Feustel assists with facility projects. Thank you to our many volunteers who keep CMS running. If you are interesting in volunteering, please contact Valerie MacIntosh at [email protected].
  5. The shop/tool leads are working with Valerie, Adam and me on a number of improvements. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please send me an email [email protected] 

Wood Shop: John Lambert [email protected]
Machine Shop: Joe Sneed [email protected]
Metal Shop: JoAnn Clifford [email protected]
Jewelry Studio: Melanie Tata [email protected]
Digital Fab. & Electronics Lab: Tiffany Vincent and Brian Spahr [email protected]
Fiber Arts Studio: Allison Zito [email protected]
Computer Lab: Kevin Tyson [email protected]
Shop Bot: Russ Scaduto [email protected]


  • We are planning to offer more classes. If you are interested in teaching, complete this form to propose a class or contact me with any questions. 
  • Please don’t hold the door for tailgaters. Everyone needs to badge into the space. 
  • Support the community and remember to clean up your work area before you leave.
  • If a visitor comes to the door and a desker, Valerie, or I are not in the building, the visitor will need to return later. 

Upcoming classes:

  • You can always check out the latest list of classes here
  • NH-VT SCORE are returning to offer free business classes for members. Watch the class list for details. They also offer free online courses to help small businesses.
  • An elementary student art class is returning for Spring break. Your children and grandchildren qualify for the member rate.  

Finally, we welcomed eight new members in the last two months! Thank you for being advocates to grow our community of makers.  I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful organization.  Cheers, Happy Easter and Happy Making!   …f

Felicia Dalke, Executive Director, [email protected]