Upcoming Classes at The Claremont Makerspace!

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Check out the upcoming class at The Claremont Makerspace. Register & learn more at the following link!


Mindful Drawing: Just Lines!

May 10th, 6 PM

In this workshop, participants will learn several simple methods of drawing only lines to create a complete non-representational artwork. Once you learn this method, you will be able to create your own works as either a mindfulness practice or as a creative practice (or both!)

This workshop is appropriate for anyone, from complete beginners to more experienced artists looking to try something new. You don’t even need to be able to draw straight lines!

Digestion: A Nutritional Therapy Perspective

May 11th, 7 PM

Ever wonder what to do with all the dandelions that have cropped up on your lawn? Put away the pesticides and pull them up to the table to learn more about what these, and many other “weeds” have to offer us! Get nutritionally inspired with recipes using these and some of Emily’s favorite pollinator plants. Come with questions and thoughts about the plants that plague you, and ones you love, for a fun hour-long discussion on the power of plants in our diet.

Spend Less Time Sanding

May 17th, 7 PM

Do you find yourself spending endless time sanding your woodworking projects? Join CMS Member Eric Diven of Long Walk Woodworking for tips and tricks on how to reduce time sanding. Following his motto ‘Proper Planning Prevents Protracted Prep’ and gain some new skills for your future projects!

Dream it, Make it, Print it

May 20 – June 10th from 6 – 7 PM

Over four sessions, participants learn how to use a CAD program to create their very own designs. Learn about the engineering design process and make your own original pieces in Tinkercad. We’ll then print your designs on our 3D printers. Projects can be mailed to you! Recommended ages 8 and up. Should be comfortable using a computer mouse and keyboard.

Quilting Machine Training

May 25th, 5 PM

The Claremont MakerSpace’s quilting machine is a great tool for creative, efficient quilting! In this hands-on training session, participants will learn how to set up a project on the quilting machine and utilize its standard features. Participants of this class will have the opportunity to sign up for a follow-up certification session, so that they may use the machine on their own.

We’ve got even more classes/events on the calendar, so check out the full line up HERE.

Questions about upcoming classes, events or the Claremont MakerSpace in general? Let us know at info@twinstatemakerspaces.org.

Happy Makin,’

The Claremont MakerSpace Team